Exercise intensity: subjective regulation by perceived exertion.

  title={Exercise intensity: subjective regulation by perceived exertion.},
  author={M A Smutok and Gary S. Skrinar and Kent B. Pandolf},
  journal={Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation},
  volume={61 12},
The primary purpose of this investigation was to determine if a safe and effective physical conditioning heart rate (HR) could prescribed by perception of exertion. Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) were requested from 10 normal adult men during treadmill exercise trials at 4.7, 6.5, 9.7, 11.3, and 12.9km/hr (T1). Subjects were then requested to subjectively regulate their own treadmill speed during 2 separate trials (T2 and T3) at the RPE reported for each speed during T1. Speed and HR at… CONTINUE READING

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