Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance

  title={Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance},
  author={Scott K Powers and Edward T. Howley},
Section I: Physiology of Exercise 1: Physiology of Exercise in the United States: Its Past, Its Future 2: Control of the Internal Environment 3: Bioenergetics 4: Exercise Metabolism 5: Hormonal Responses to Exercise 6: Measurement of Work, Power, and Energy Expenditure 7: The Nervous System: Structure and Control of Movement 8: Skeletal Muscle: Structure and Function 9: Circulatory Adaptations to Exercise 10. [] Key Result The Physiology of Training: Effect on V02 Max, Performance, Homeostasis, and Strength…

A Comparison of the Effects of Post Exercise Basal Metabolic Rate among Continuous Aerobic, Intermittent Aerobic, and Resistance Exercise: Implications for Weight Control.

The results suggest that RE has greater effects on BMR compared to CA and IA, indicating the importance of further research to examine a possible role for RE in controlling body weight.

Effects of Obesity on Maximal Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Cardiovascular Responses, Fatigue, and Muscle Activation during Graded Exercise Test in Female Sports Aerobic Athletes

It is indicated that there was no difference measuring maximal cardiorespiratory fitness, cardiovascular responses, fatigue and muscle activation during graded exercise test between normal weight and obesity group because of ongoing training of obese aerobic athletes.

Effects of sub-maximal exercise on energy expenditure and heart rate recovery in individuals with normal weight, overweight and obesity

The acute effects of sub-maximal exercise on energy expenditure (EE) and heart rate recovery (HRR) and the association between functional strength and EE were determined and obese individuals presented with the highest EE.

The Effects Of Sprint Interval Training On Aerobic Fitness: A Systematic Review

A qualitative evaluation of the available evidence demonstrated a consistent association between sprint interval training and improved aerobic performance and short duration SIT is an effective and efficient form of improving aerobic fitness in untrained individuals.

Changed dynamic ventilation parameters as a result of a breathing exercise intervention programme.

It was confirmed that the two-month breathing exercise intervention focused on the activation of the diaphragm is sufficient and resulted in significant changes of in VT and BF.

Effectiveness of resisted abdominal exercise versus resisted diaphragmatic breathing exercise on cardio vascular endurance in sports men

Resisted diaphragm breathing has shown improvement in cardiovascular endurance in sports men and should be prescribed to prescribe a fitness program.

Exercise and Fatigue

One might consider sensations of fatigue and exhaustion during disease as a feed-forward mechanism to protect the subject from an excessive depletion of their energy stocks, to enhance the survival of the individual during disease.

Changes in Physical Status of Young Women in Response to Exercise Training

Fitness-related benefits result in essential changes in physical fitness level in young women. This study was conducted with fitness centre clients (35 women with an average age of 26.4±2.2 years).

Immediate Effects of Smoking on Cardiorespiratory Responses During Dynamic Exercise: Arm Vs. Leg Ergometry

It is verified that smoking significantly decreased performance and cardiorespiratory responses to leg exercises, however, the negative effects of smoking on arm exercise performance were not as pronounced.

The acute effects of repeated static apnea on aerobic power

The repeated static apneas immediately prior the maximal aerobic effort cannot increase aerobic power in untrained breath hold participants, however, the lower RPE after static apnea may be used as an ergogenic effect.



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