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Exercise Induced Muscle Damage and Immunosuppression: A Hindrance to Optimum Performance

  title={Exercise Induced Muscle Damage and Immunosuppression: A Hindrance to Optimum Performance},
  author={Open AccessOMICS InternationalEditorial},
Exercise is beneficial for health and improves one’s level of performance. Different exercise protocols are prescribed by medical practitioners not only to prevent but also to cure serious health disorders. Traditional indigenous exercises are also of immense beneficial significance for healthy wellbeing. However, practicing an improper or unscientific training protocol may on the other hand be detrimental to health. Therefore, training guideline should be prescribed by certified personnel and… 



Mucosal immune responses and risk of respiratory illness in elite athletes.

This review focuses on studies of mucosal immunity in elite athletes and specifically addresses the role of mucosal immunity in respiratory illness and associations with the intensity, volume, and

Production of interleukin‐6 in contracting human skeletal muscles can account for the exercise‐induced increase in plasma interleukin‐6

It is suggested that IL‐6 produced by skeletal contracting muscle contributes to the maintenance of glucose homeostasis during prolonged exercise.

Excitation-induced Ca2+ influx and skeletal muscle cell damage.

It is hypothesized that excessive exercise may lead to an intracellular accumulation of Ca2+ and increased cytoplasmic Ca2+, causing activation of self-accelerating degradative pathways leading to muscle damage.