Exemplar‐Based Portrait Photograph Enhancement as Informed by Portrait Paintings

  title={Exemplar‐Based Portrait Photograph Enhancement as Informed by Portrait Paintings},
  author={Xiaoyan Zhang and Martin Constable and Kap Luk Chan},
  journal={Computer Graphics Forum},
This paper proposes an approach to enhance the regional contrasts in snap‐shot style portrait photographs by using pre‐modern portrait paintings as aesthetic exemplars. The example portrait painting is selected based on a comparison of the existing contrast properties of the painting with those of the photograph. The contrast organization in the selected example painting is transferred to the photograph by mapping the inter‐ and intra‐regional contrasts of the regions, such as the face and skin… Expand
Transfer of content-aware vignetting effect from paintings to photographs
The results show that the painter’s vignette is more complex than that achieved using common digital post-processing methods, and more naturally presented with regard to esthetic composition as compared with vignetting achieved with popular software tools and camera models. Expand
Transfer of vignetting effect from paintings to photographs
An algorithm is developed to transfer the lightness weighting extracted from an example painting to a photograph to create the painter-style vignetting effect, which is more naturally presented with regard to aesthetic composition comparing with popular software tools and camera models. Expand
Image-based Portrait Engraving
This paper describes a simple image-based method that applies engraving stylisation to portraits using ordered dithering using a rough proxy geometry of the head consisting of a cylinder to warp the dither matrix, causing the engraved lines to curve around the face for better stylisation. Expand
Case Studies
  • 2.5D Printing
  • 2018


Example-based contrast enhancement for portrait photograph
An approach whereby the regional contrasts in snap-shot style portrait photographs are enhanced using pre-modern portrait paintings as aesthetic exemplars using a novel two-part partial contrast stretching method to achieve the contrast mapping. Expand
Artistic Illumination Transfer for Portraits
Experiments demonstrate that convincing illumination transferred results can be rendered by the proposed artistic illumination transfer system for portraits based on a database of portrait images associated with hand‐drawn illumination templates by artists. Expand
Feature-Based Automatic Portrait Generation System
  • Yin Zhang, Lu Gao, S. Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering
  • 2009
An automatic feature-based portrait generation system, which can transform the input facial photo into a portrait in the style of a given artist’s finished work, and generates a portrait by feature- based morphing, which uses the artist's work as the source image. Expand
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Learning Artistic Lighting Template from Portrait Photographs
This paper presents a method for learning artistic portrait lighting template from a dataset of artistic and daily portrait photographs, which adopts Haar-like local lighting contrast features and is selected to form a log-linear model using a stepwise feature pursuit algorithm. Expand
Semantics-driven portrait cartoon stylization
An efficient framework for transforming an input human portrait image into an artistic cartoon style, based on a semantic grammar model, is proposed, which exploits the portrait semantics for enriching and manipulating the cartooning style. Expand
Artistic Rendering of Human Portraits Paying Attention to Facial Features
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Emotionally aware automated portrait painting
We combine a machine vision system that recognises emotions and a non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) system to automatically produce portraits which heighten the emotion of the sitter. To do this,Expand
Aesthetic enhancement of landscape photographs as informed by paintings across depth layers
A novel inter and intra depth layer luminance and saturation contrast mapping algorithm using gradient histogram matching is developed and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. Expand
Exploring a parameterised portrait painting space
  • S. DiPaola
  • Computer Science
  • Int. J. Arts Technol.
  • 2009
This work overviews the interdisciplinary work building parameterised knowledge domains and their authoring tools that allow for expression systems, which move through a space of painterly portraiture, to explore aesthetic realisations and interdisciplinary questions about the act of portrait painting as well as the general creative process. Expand