Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia

  title={Executive Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia},
  author={Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker and H. R. McIlwaine},
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Becoming Free, Becoming Black: Race, Freedom, and Law in Cuba, Virginia, and Louisiana
How did Africans become 'blacks' in the Americas? Becoming Free, Becoming Black tells the story of enslaved and free people of color who used the law to claim freedom and citizenship for themselvesExpand
The Nanziatticos and the Violence of the Archive: Land and Native Enslavement in Colonial Virginia
  • R. Goetz
  • History
  • Journal of Southern History
  • 2019
Between 1704 and 1706, English Virginians destroyed the Nanziattico nation. First, they used an oyer and terminer trial to hang several of its young men, and then they separated Nanziattico childrenExpand
“This infant Borough”: The Corporate Political Identity of Eighteenth-Century Norfolk
The rapidly growing eighteenth-century port city of Norfolk, Virginia, occupied an unusual position. It was the largest city in a colony known for its rural gentry culture and also a formallyExpand
Pennsylvania Credit in the Virginia Backcountry, 1746–1755
This essay investigates economic connections between Virginia frontier settlements and Pennsylvania during the period 1746–55. We explore how frontier debtors in remote Augusta County, Virginia,Expand
Random Selection of Petit Jurors on the Virginia Frontier, 1746–55
Abstract. Eighteenth-century English common-law courts used petit juries in civil litigation to try issues of fact or find damages after defendants defaulted. In colonial Virginia, county sheriffsExpand
Settlers, Liberty, and Empire: The Roots of Early American Political Theory, 1675-1775
Introduction: Jasper Maudit's 'instructions': the imperial roots of early American political theory Part I. Restoration and Rebellion: 1. English rights in an Atlantic world 2. The GloriousExpand