Executive Functions in Preschool Children with Aggressive Behavior: Impairments in Inhibitory Control

  title={Executive Functions in Preschool Children with Aggressive Behavior: Impairments in Inhibitory Control},
  author={Maartje A. J. Raaijmakers and D. Smidts and J. Sergeant and G. Maassen and J. Posthumus and Herman Engeland and W. Matthys},
  journal={Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology},
The question whether executive function (EF) deficits in children are associated with conduct problems remains controversial. Although the origins of aggressive behavior are to be found in early childhood, findings from EF studies in preschool children with aggressive behavior are inconsistent. The current study aimed to investigate whether preschool children with aggressive behavior show impairments in EF. From a population-based sample, 82 preschool children who were showing aggressive… Expand
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