Excretion of thioethers in urine after exposure to electrophilic chemicals.

  title={Excretion of thioethers in urine after exposure to electrophilic chemicals.},
  author={Paul T Henderson and Remco van Doorn and C M Leijdekkers and R. P. Bos},
  journal={IARC scientific publications},
Electrophilic agents--a class of chemicals that includes most genotoxic compounds--can be inactivated by reaction with glutathione or other SH-bearing molecules. The conjugates so formed often appear in the urine as mercapturic acids or other thioether products. This paper critically reviews the suitability of the urinary thioether assay as a method for the detection of exposure to electrophilic agents or their precursors. In practice, the greatest value of the thioether assay appears to lie in… CONTINUE READING

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