Excretion of Creatine and Creatinine in Feces of Man 1

  title={Excretion of Creatine and Creatinine in Feces of Man 1},
  author={R. L. Wixom and G. Davis and M. Flynn and R. T. Tsutakawa and D. Hentges},
  journal={Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine},
  pages={452 - 457}
Summary To examine the effects of a high beef diet on the bacterial flora and chemical composition of feces, 10 healthy human adults were fed four diets in succession for 1 month each: a control diet, meatless diet, high beef diet, and a repeat control diet. As a part of the larger study, creatine and creatinine were measured in the food consumed and in the feces excreted. Food creatine concentration was 5- to 12 -fold greater than creatinine; food creatine and creatinine were increased 4- and… Expand

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