Exclusive measurements of pd→He3ππ: The ABC effect revisited

  title={Exclusive measurements of pd→He3ππ: The ABC effect revisited},
  author={M. Bashkanov and D. Bogoslawsky and Hans Cal{\'e}n and Francesca Cappellaro and Heinz Clement and L. Demiroers and C. Ekstrom and Kj. Fransson and J. Greiff and Leif Gustafsson and Bo Hoistad and G. Ivanov and Marek Jacewicz and E. Jiganov and T. Gunnar Johansson and Murat M. Kaskulov and S. Negasi Keleta and Inken Koch and Sven Kullander and Andrzej Kupś{\'c} and A. S. Kuznetsov and Pawel Marciniewski and Rob Meier and B. Morosov and Walter Oelert and C. Pauly and Y. Petukhov and A. Povtorejko and R. Ruber and Wolfgang Scobel and T. Skorodko and B. Shwartz and V. Sopov and Joanna Stepaniak and V. Tchernyshev and P. Thorngren-Engblom and Vladimir Tikhomirov and A. Turowiecki and Gerhard J. Wagner and Magnus Wolke and Ayako Yamamoto and J. Zabierowski and Jozef Zlomanczuk},
  • M. Bashkanov, D. Bogoslawsky, +40 authors Jozef Zlomanczuk
  • Published 2005
  • Physics
  • Abstract Exclusive measurements of the reactions p d → He 3 π + π − and p d → He 3 π 0 π 0 have been carried out at T p = 0.893 GeV at the CELSIUS storage ring using the WASA detector. The π + π − channel evidences a pronounced enhancement at low invariant ππ masses—as anticipated from previous inclusive measurements of the ABC effect. This enhancement is seen to be even much larger in the isoscalar π 0 π 0 channel. The differential distributions prove this enhancement to be of scalar–isoscalar… CONTINUE READING

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