Exclusion, Community, and a Populist Political Economy: The Radical Right as an Anti-Globalization Movement

  title={Exclusion, Community, and a Populist Political Economy: The Radical Right as an Anti-Globalization Movement},
  author={Andrej Zaslove},
  journal={Comparative European Politics},
  • A. Zaslove
  • Published 2008
  • Sociology
  • Comparative European Politics
This article examines the anti-globalization message of three radical right populist parties: the Austrian Freedom Party, the French National Front, and the Italian Lega Nord. Anti-globalization movements have received much attention as of late from social scientists and journalists alike. However, one anti-globalization force that has not received adequate scholarly attention is the radical right. Since the 1990s, radical right parties have emerged as some of the strongest opponents of neo… Expand
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