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Excitations and ergodicity of critical quantum spin chains from non-equilibrium classical dynamics

  title={Excitations and ergodicity of critical quantum spin chains from non-equilibrium classical dynamics},
  author={St'ephane Vinet and Gabriel Longpr'e and William Witczak-Krempa},
We study a quantum spin-1/2 chain that is dual to the canonical problem of non-equilibrium Kawasaki dynamics of a classical Ising chain coupled to a thermal bath. The Hamiltonian is obtained for the general disordered case with non-uniform Ising couplings. The quantum spin chain (dubbed Ising-Kawasaki) is stoquastic, and depends on the Ising couplings normalized by the bath’s temperature. We give its exact ground states. Proceeding with uniform couplings, we study the one- and two-magnon… 
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