Excitation-induced activation of the Na(+)-K+ pump in rat skeletal muscle.

  title={Excitation-induced activation of the Na(+)-K+ pump in rat skeletal muscle.},
  author={Maria Elisabeth Everts and Torben Clausen},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={266 4 Pt 1},
The stimulating effect of excitation on the Na(+)-K+ pump was characterized in measurements of 22Na efflux, intracellular Na+ content, 86Rb influx, and [3H]ouabain binding in isolated rat soleus muscle. Direct stimulation (10 V, 1 ms, 2 Hz) rapidly increased 22Na efflux and 86Rb influx about twofold. These effects were blocked by tetracaine and ouabain, were not associated with any significant increase in intracellular Na+, and could not be attributed to a rise in extracellular K+. The… CONTINUE READING

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