Excitation Ladder of Cavity Polaritons.

  title={Excitation Ladder of Cavity Polaritons.},
  author={Travis M. Autry and Ga{\"e}l Nardin and Christopher L. Smallwood and Kevin L. Silverman and Daniele Bajoni and Aristide Lema{\^i}tre and Sophie Bouchoule and Jacqueline Bloch and Steven T. Cundiff},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={125 6},
Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy directly unravels multiply excited states that overlap in a linear spectrum. We report multidimensional coherent optical photocurrent spectroscopy in a semiconductor polariton diode and explore the excitation ladder of cavity polaritons. We measure doubly and triply avoided crossings for pairs and triplets of exciton polaritons, demonstrating the strong coupling between light and dressed doublet and triplet semiconductor excitations. These results… 

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