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Excitant effect of suberogorgin on isolated guinea pig trachea

  title={Excitant effect of suberogorgin on isolated guinea pig trachea},
  author={Peng Wd and Xue Sb},
  journal={Acta pharmaceutica Sinica},
Suberogorgin (Sub) was shown to increase the tension of isolated guinea pig trachea in a dose-dependent manner. Its ED50 was 52.5 mumol.L-1. The stimulation of sub on trachea was antagonized by atropine 0.65 mumol.L-1, and inhibited by atropine 0.13 mumol.L-1, cobrotoxin 2.4 and by tetrodotoxin 1 mumol.L-1. On the contracted trachea induced by galanthamine 35.5 mumol.L-1, acetylcholine increased the tension but Sub did not. Galanthamine was also shown not to increase the tension… Expand