Excision of an oral angiolipoma by KTP laser: a case report.


MATERIALS AND METHODS A 66 year old woman was referred to our observation, since the presence of a painless swelling located on the right cheek mucosa. A surgical approach with KTP laser was performed with the mucosal preservation technique. RESULTS Follow up after seven days, sixty days and four months did not showed any complication and the histological examination reported the diagnosis of AL. DISCUSSION AL is a relatively rare tumor of the head and neck region, although it occurs more commonly in the extremities and the trunk. This tumor has been rarely reported in the oral cavity and when seen in this area, it involves in the lip, cheek, tongue, mandible, and palate. ALs are also intraosseous in the mandible and intramuscular in the pterygoid fossa. KTP laser excision showed to be resolutive and avoid of complications. CONCLUSIONS AL of the cheek is a very rare patology, but when it appears, it requires a surgical excision.

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