Excimer lasers for superhigh NA 193-nm lithography

  title={Excimer lasers for superhigh NA 193-nm lithography},
  author={Rainer Paetzel and H. Albrecht and Peter Lokai and Wolfgang Zschocke and Thomas Schmidt and Igor Bragin and Thomas Schroeder and Christian Reusch and Stefan Spratte},
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Excimer lasers are widely used as the light source for microlithography scanners. The volume shipment of scanner systems using 193nm is projected to begin in year 2003. Such tools will directly start with super high numerical aperture (NA) in order to take full advantage of the 193nm wavelength over the advanced 248nm systems. Reliable high repetition rate laser light sources enabling high illumination power and wafer throughput are one of the fundamental prerequisites. In addition these light… 
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High-power 193-nm excimer lasers for DUV lithography
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High-repetition-rate excimer lasers for 193-nm lithography
Capital costs and economical efficiency is becoming the most important criteria for any decision on lithography tools for an advanced IC fabrication facility. Each lithography wavelength has to
High Repetition Rate Excimer Lasers for 193nm Lithography " ; SPIE Microlithography
  • High Repetition Rate Excimer Lasers for 193nm Lithography " ; SPIE Microlithography
  • 2002