Exchange-Driven Spin Relaxation in Ferromagnet-Oxide-Semiconductor Heterostructures.

  title={Exchange-Driven Spin Relaxation in Ferromagnet-Oxide-Semiconductor Heterostructures.},
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We demonstrate that electron spin relaxation in GaAs in the proximity of a Fe/MgO layer is dominated by interaction with an exchange-driven hyperfine field at temperatures below 60 K. Temperature-dependent spin-resolved optical pump-probe spectroscopy reveals a strong correlation of the electron spin relaxation with carrier freeze-out, in quantitative agreement with a theoretical interpretation that at low temperatures the free-carrier spin lifetime is dominated by inhomogeneity in the local… Expand
Tuning the dynamic exchange interaction in ferromagnet/semiconductor heterostructures
We investigate the impact of tunnel barrier thickness on electron spin dynamics in Fe/MgO/GaAs heterostructures using spin-resolved optical pump-probe spectroscopy. Comparison of the Larmor frequencyExpand
Tuning spin dynamics and localization near the metal-insulator transition in Fe/GaAs heterostructures
We present a simultaneous investigation of coherent spin dynamics in both localized and itinerant carriers in Fe/GaAs heterostructures using ultrafast and spin-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy. WeExpand
Evidence of Pure Spin-Current Generated by Spin Pumping in Interface-Localized States in Hybrid Metal-Silicon-Metal Vertical Structures.
Pure spin-current injection and transport in the perpendicular current flow geometry over a distance larger than 2 μm in n-type Si at room temperature is demonstrated. Expand
Zero-field electron Larmor precession in NiFe/SiN/GaAs nanohybrid structure at room temperature
We investigate the spin dynamics of a NiFe/SiN/GaAs nanohybrid structure, in which the volume of NiFe is significantly reduced by ion milling. The photogenerated GaAs electron spins induce theExpand
Ultrafast Study of Dynamic Exchange Coupling in Ferromagnet/Oxide/Semiconductor Heterostructures
  • Y. Ou
  • Materials Science
  • 2017
.............................................................................................................................. ii DedicationExpand
Theory of oblique-field magnetoresistance from spin centers in three-terminal spintronic devices
We present a general stochastic Liouville theory of electrical transport across a barrier between two conductors that occurs via sequential hopping through a single defect's spin-0 to spin-$1/2$Expand


Dynamics of Excitonic Complexes and Detection of Electron Spin Resonance by Optical Spin Orientation Techniques
Analysis of spin orientation by optical pumping in pure GaAs and InP shows that, although photoluminescence is dominated by excitonic lines, many features of the spin memory are due to the conductionExpand
High-speed semiconductor devices
MATERIALS, TECHNOLOGIES, AND DEVICE BUILDING BLOCKS. Materials and Technologies for High--Speed Devices (J. Bean). Device Building Blocks (S. Luryi). FIELD--EFFECT AND POTENTIAL--EFFECT DEVICES. TheExpand
Science today studies phenomena lasting less than 10−21 s and phenomena which occurred more than 13 billion years ago; science also studies phenomena occurring over distances greater than 1028 cm andExpand
“A and B”:
Direct fabrication of large micropatterned single crystals. p1205 21 Feb 2003. (news): Academy plucks best biophysicists from a sea of mediocrity. p994 14 Feb 2003.
  • R. Rosenfeld
  • Medicine
  • Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • 2009
I am writing with a simple plea to balance the voluminous articles about treatment in your journal with a modicum of information about nature and caring effects to rekindle the perception of physicians as healers, not only treaters, who relish the gifts of nature, and foster the humanistic aspect of medicine that has thrived for millennia. Expand
Statistical packages have been used for decades to analyze large datasets or to perform mathematically intractable statistical methods. These packages are not capable of working with random variablesExpand
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Optical Orientation
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