Excess thermopower and the theory of thermopower waves.

  title={Excess thermopower and the theory of thermopower waves.},
  author={Joel T. Abrahamson and Bernat Sempere and Michael P. Walsh and Jared M Forman and Fatih Şen and Selda Sen and Sayalee G. Mahajan and Geraldine L. C. Paulus and Qing Hua Wang and Wonjoon Choi and Michael S. Strano},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={7 8},
Self-propagating exothermic chemical reactions can generate electrical pulses when guided along a conductive conduit such as a carbon nanotube. However, these thermopower waves are not described by an existing theory to explain the origin of power generation or why its magnitude exceeds the predictions of the Seebeck effect. In this work, we present a… CONTINUE READING