Excess specific heat from the gapped sliding phonon modes in the incommensurate composite crystal Sr14Cu24O41

  title={Excess specific heat from the gapped sliding phonon modes in the incommensurate composite crystal 
  author={Rabindranath Bag and Soumitra Hazra and Rajeev N. Kini and Surjeet Singh},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We show that low temperature specific heat (C$_p$) of the incommensurate chain-ladder system Sr$_{14}$Cu$_{24}$O$_{41}$ is enriched by the presence of a rather large excess contribution of non-magnetic origin. Diluted Al doping at the Cu site or annealing the crystal in an O$_2$ atmosphere suppresses this feature considerably. Using the THz time-domain spectroscopy, we show that the occurrence of excess specific heat is associated with the presence of very low-energy ($\sim$ 1 meV) gapped… 
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