Excess current in ferromagnet-superconductor structures with fully polarized triplet component

  title={Excess current in ferromagnet-superconductor structures with fully polarized triplet component},
  author={Andreas Moor and Anatoly F. Volkov and Konstantin B. Efetov},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study the $I$-$V$ characteristics of S$_{\text{T}}$/n/N contacts, where S$_{\text{T}}$ is a BCS superconductor S with a built-in exchange field $h$, n represents a normal metal wire, and N---a normal metal reservoir. The superconductor S$_{\text{T}}$ is separated from the n-wire by a spin filter which allows the passage of electrons with a certain spin direction so that only fully polarized triplet Cooper pairs penetrate into the n-wire. We show that both the subgap conductance $\sigma_… 
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