Excess benign melanocytic naevi in renal transplant recipients.

  title={Excess benign melanocytic naevi in renal transplant recipients.},
  author={Jacek C Szepietowski and Feliks Wasik and Tomasz Szepietowski and Magdalena Włodarczyk and K Sobczak-Radwan and W M Czyz},
  volume={194 1},
BACKGROUND Some studies indicate that malignant melanoma occurs more frequently in renal transplant recipients than in the normal population. The development of excess benign melanocytic naevi is regarded as an indicator of the risk for malignant melanoma. OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to evaluate the prevalence of benign melanocytic naevi in adult renal transplant patients. METHOD All benign melanocytic naevi irrespective of size were counted in 76 patients with renal transplants and… CONTINUE READING