Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes in the US, March 1, 2020, to January 2, 2021.

  title={Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes in the US, March 1, 2020, to January 2, 2021.},
  author={Steven H. Woolf and Derek Chapman and Roy T. Sabo and Emily B Zimmerman},
Excess U.S. Deaths Caused by COVID-19
Between March and July of 2020, excess deaths in the U.S. rose by 20%. To evaluate if this trend continued for the rest of 2020, investigators updated
Association of Health Care Factors With Excess Deaths Not Assigned to COVID-19 in the US
This cross-sectional study assesses health care factors associated with excess deaths not assigned to COVID-19 in US counties in 2020 to find out whether these factors will change in the coming years.
Exploring the Gap Between Excess Mortality and COVID-19 Deaths in 67 Countries
This cross-sectional study examines the difference between COVID-19 confirmed mortality and excess mortality in 67 countries and concludes that the former is more likely to be correct than the latter.
Timely monitoring of total mortality associated with COVID-19: informing public health and the public
  • L. Vestergaard, K. Mølbak
  • Medicine
    Euro surveillance : bulletin Europeen sur les maladies transmissibles = European communicable disease bulletin
  • 2020
Eurosurveillance.org is the online home of Eurosurveillance, Europe's journal on infectious disease surveillance, epidemiology, prevention and control.
Covid‐19: One year on…
Ron Fricker assesses the impact of the pandemic in the United States by calculating the number of “excess deaths” by dividing the total number of deaths by the population in the country.
Reversing the Tide of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Excess Deaths During the COVID-19 Pandemic
In their study, Shiels and colleagues sought to capture racial and ethnic disparities in excess COVID-19 and non–COVID-19 deaths between March and December 2020. The editorialists discuss the
Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID‐19: An overview of systematic evaluations
  • J. Ioannidis
  • Medicine
    European journal of clinical investigation
  • 2021
Estimates of community spread and infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID‐19 have varied across studies. Efforts to synthesize the evidence reach seemingly discrepant conclusions.
Effects of COVID-19 on mortality: A 5-year population-based study in Oman
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a 15% increase in all-cause mortality in Oman, mainly as a result of deaths from CO VID-19, however, unclassified deaths, deaths due to respiratory diseases and deathsDue to infectious diseases have also increased, enforcing the need for a holistic approach.
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Excess Deaths During the COVID-19 Pandemic, March to December 2020
Excess deaths related and unrelated to COVID-19 in the United States from March to December 2020 are estimated by race/ethnicity, sex, age group, and cause.
Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19, by Age and Race and Ethnicity — United States, January 26–October 3, 2020
Overall, an estimated 299,028 excess deaths have occurred in the United States from late January through October 3, 2020, with two thirds of these attributed to COVID-19, and the largest percentage increases were seen among adults aged 25-44 years and among Hispanic or Latino persons.