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Excerts from advanced studies in economics

  title={Excerts from advanced studies in economics},
  author={James Edward Curtis},
Researchers have a long-standing interest in understanding the causes and consequences of inequality. One approach to analyzing inequality is to compare average economic choices from a classical theoretical framework. Another approach considers the impact of the formation of society, through statutes and institutions, on average economic outcomes. Curtis Jr uses applied econometrics, applied labor economics, applied theory and empirical data to provide results that we cannot reject the… Expand
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Higher Education Markets, Theory and Practice
Curtis Jr (2018) restates theories Individual Leisure Theory, with Price-Adjustments, for Individuals in Capital Markets, and Individual Returns to Accumulation vs. Latent Systems, withExpand


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Investment in Human Capital and Personal Income Distribution
  • J. Mincer
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1958
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Limited-Dependent and Qualitative Variables in Econometrics.
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The Relation between Return and Income
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Education, Unemployment, and Earnings
Using data on adult male workers, we first investigate the incremental effect of 1 year of schooling on unemployed hours and use this calculation to explain the difference in the proportional effectsExpand
A model of migration and wealth accumulation: Farmers at the antebellum southern frontier
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