Excellent can be the enemy of good: the case of diarrhoea management

  title={Excellent can be the enemy of good: the case of diarrhoea management},
  author={David Sanders and Tanya Doherty and John B. Mason and Hoosen Mohamed Coovadia and Anthony Costello},
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Treating diarrhoeal disease in children under five: the global picture
It is argued that to ensure smooth supply and equitable distribution of ORS and zinc, adequate financing, relevant policy changes, strong public, private and non-government organisation (NGO) collaboration, local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, mass media awareness and campaigning are necessary for successful treatment scale-up.
A Half Century of Oral Rehydration Therapy in Childhood Gastroenteritis: Toward Increasing Uptake and Improving Coverage
A multipronged approach focusing on the manufacture, supply, training, and behavioral change is essential to ensure that ORS is used in all epidemic diarrhea cases globally, especially in the under-five population.


The Status of ORT in Bangladesh: How Widely Is It Used?
There is convincing evidence that the widescale promotion in the past of ORS for dehydration in diarrhoea has led to this marked improvement today, Nevertheless the use of rice-based ORS, culturally appropriate messages and the promotion of OrT with food offer opportunities to further improve the utilization of ORT.
The effect of oral rehydration solution and recommended home fluids on diarrhoea mortality
Oral rehydration solution is effective against diarrhoeal mortality in home, community and facility settings; however, there is insufficient evidence to estimate the effectiveness of RHFs against diarrhoea mortality.
Factors Affecting Availability of Essential Medicines among Community Health Workers in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Rwanda: Solving the Last Mile Puzzle
Three key preconditions of the Improving Supply Chains for Community Case Management of Pneumonia and Other Common Diseases of Childhood Project were used to inform the design of the CCM supply chain improvement strategy in each country.