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Excel Modelling - Transparency, Auditing and Business Use

  title={Excel Modelling - Transparency, Auditing and Business Use},
  author={Suzanne Christine Allan},
  • S. Allan
  • Published 13 September 2009
  • Business
  • ArXiv
Within Lloyds Banking Group the heritage HBOS Corporate division deals with Corporate loans, and is required to assess these loans for risk in accordance with the Basle Accord regulations. Statistical Risk Rating models are developed by the risk analysts to assess the obligors credit worthiness. It is necessary then to provide the bankers who originated the loan ('Relationship Managers' or RMs) with an assessment tool to generate the loan rating upon which they base their lending decisions… 

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Qtier-Rapor: Managing Spreadsheet Systems & Improving Corporate Performance, Compliance and Governance

This paper is an anatomy of the real-life issues of the commercial use of spreadsheets in business, and demonstrates how Qtier-Rapor has been used to instil best practice in the use of integrated commercial spreadsheet systems.

Risk Management for Complex Calculations: EuSpRIG Best Practices in Hybrid Applications

Over the course of this paper, best practices are applied and extend spreadsheet best practices to reduce or prevent risks in hybrid Excel/MatLab applications.

Research Strategy and Scoping Survey on Spreadsheet Practices

A research strategy for creating and deploying prescriptive recommendations for spreadsheet practice and a scoping survey to gather non-anecdotal data on spreadsheet usage is proposed.

Spreadsheet Engineering: A Research Framework

Spreadsheet engineering adapts the lessons of software engineering to spreadsheets, providing eight principles as a framework for organizing spreadsheet programming recommendations to overcome the heterogeneity of spreadsheet users.

IT projects must appeal to emotions to succeed

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Strengthening Capital Standards 2" Consultation paper CP06/3

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IT projects must appeal to emotions to succeed", Financial Times, http://www.ft.com/cms/s

  • IT projects must appeal to emotions to succeed", Financial Times, http://www.ft.com/cms/s
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