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Excavations at Sīrāf

  title={Excavations at Sīrāf},
  author={David Whitehouse},
Intervención arqueológica en la escombrera del taller de vasos de alabastro de Rodén (Fuentes de Ebro, Zaragoza)
Se presentan las excavaciones realizadas en la escombrera del taller de vasos de alabastro de Rodén (Zaragoza). Se exponen las características de la actuación, se analiza la estratigrafía y
Islamizing Berber Lifestyles
The article focuses on the “Islamization” of Berber lifestyles, rather than the effects of the conquest on the Romanized inhabitants of towns in the Africa Proconsularis, the me dieval Ifriqiya. The
Geoarchaeology as a tool to understand ancient navigation in the northern Persian Gulf and the harbour history of Siraf
The Islamic Ancient Termez Through the Lens of Ceramics: A New Archaeological and Archaeometric Study
ABSTRACT This paper presents an archaeological and archaeometric study of a range of Islamic ceramics (9th-17th centuries) from Termez (south Uzbekistan), a city which has been proven to be both a
The vernacular architecture of Doha, Qatar
SUMMARY: The urban history of the Gulf states has been largely neglected, with historical studies of Qatar focusing on its political and economic development. This article presents an overview of the
The intriguing tsunami of 19 March 2017 at Bandar Dayyer, Iran: field survey and simulations
Abstract We present a field survey and a number of simulations of the local Persian Gulf tsunami of 19 March 2017 at Bandar Dayyer, Iran, which resulted in one death, five persons missing and
A Mediaeval Persian Treatise on Coloured and Enamelled Glass: Bayan Al-Sana'at
Abstract This paper presents and interprets the terms and concepts described by Hobaysh Teflisi in the twelfth century AD for making Islamic coloured and enamelled glass and lustre decorations. These
Shipwreck Evidence from Kilwa, Tanzania
This article reports on the artefacts and environment of marine ballast and pottery sites identified through inter‐tidal and underwater survey around Kilwa, Tanzania, one of the most important