Excalibur: an autonomic cloud architecture for executing parallel applications


IaaS providers often allow the users to specify many requirements for their applications. However, users without advanced technical knowledge usually do not provide a good specification of the cloud environment, leading to low performance and/or high monetary cost. In this context, the users face the challenges of how to scale cloud-unaware applications without re-engineering them. Therefore, in this paper, we propose and evaluate a cloud architecture, namely Excalibur, to execute applications in the cloud. In our architecture, the users provide the applications and the architecture sets up the whole environment and adjusts it at run-time accordingly. We executed a genomics workflow in our architecture, which was deployed in Amazon EC2. The experiments show that the proposed architecture dynamically scales this cloud-unaware application up to 10 instances, reducing the execution time by 73% and the cost by 84% when compared to the execution in the configuration specified by the user.

DOI: 10.1145/2592784.2592786

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