Exasim: Generating Discontinuous Galerkin Codes for Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations on Graphics Processors

  title={Exasim: Generating Discontinuous Galerkin Codes for Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations on Graphics Processors},
  author={Jordi Vila-P'erez and R. Loek Van Heyningen and Ngoc Cuong Nguyen and Jaume Peraire},
This paper presents an overview of the functionalities and applications of Exasim , an open-source code for generating high-order discontinuous Galerkin codes to numerically solve parametrized partial di ff erential equations (PDEs). The software combines high-level and low-level languages to construct parametrized PDE models via Julia, Python or Matlab scripts and produce high-performance C ++ codes for solving the PDE models on CPU and Nvidia GPU processors with dis-tributed memory. Exasim… 

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