Example of a Gaussian Self-Similar Field With Stationary Rectangular Increments That Is Not a Fractional Brownian Sheet

  title={Example of a Gaussian Self-Similar Field With Stationary Rectangular Increments That Is Not a Fractional Brownian Sheet},
  author={Vitalii Makogin and Yuliya Mishura},
  journal={Stochastic Analysis and Applications},
  pages={413 - 428}
We consider anisotropic self-similar random fields, in particular, the fractional Brownian sheet (fBs). This Gaussian field is an extension of fractional Brownian motion. It is well known that the fractional Brownian motion is a unique Gaussian self-similar process with stationary increments. The main result of this article is an example of a Gaussian self-similar field with stationary rectangular increments that is not an fBs. So we proved that the structure of self-similar Gaussian fields can… 

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