Examining the glacial lake dynamics in a warming climate and GLOF modelling in parts of Chandra basin, Himachal Pradesh, India.

  title={Examining the glacial lake dynamics in a warming climate and GLOF modelling in parts of Chandra basin, Himachal Pradesh, India.},
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Assessment of Proglacial Lakes in Sikkim Himalaya, India for Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Risk Analysis using HEC-RAS and Geospatial Techniques

Existence and expansion of glacial lakes from Sikkim Himalaya enhances the susceptibility of the region to glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF) causing destruction of infrastructures and loss of life

Spatially resolved estimates of glacial retreat and lake changes from Gepang Gath Glacier, Chandra Basin, Western Himalaya, India

Glacial lakes dynamics has a concomitant impact over glacial retreat, mass change and glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) events. Recent warming led increase in glacial retreat at High-Mountain Asia

Updated Glacial Lake Inventory of Indus River Basin based on High-Resolution Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Data

Abstract A comprehensive updated inventory of glacial lakes in the Indus River basin (up to the Indian administrative boundary) has been carried out using 157 high-resolution Indian Remote Sensing

Evaluation of effective spectral features for glacial lake mapping by using Landsat-8 OLI imagery

Glacial lake mapping provides the most feasible way for investigating the water resources and monitoring the flood outburst hazards in High Mountain Region. However, various types of glacial lakes

Glacier Surface Velocities in the Chandrabhaga Massif, Western Himalaya (India) Derived Using COSI-Corr From Landsat Images

Himalayan glaciers act as a storehouse of freshwater outside the polar region and sustain the flow of several Asia’s major river systems, such as the Ganges, Indus, and Brahmaputra. Glaciers in

Anthropogenic climate change versus internal climate variability: impacts on snow cover in the Swiss Alps

Abstract. Snow is a sensitive component of the climate system. In many parts of the world, water stored as snow is a vital resource for agriculture, tourism and the energy sector. As uncertainties in

Analysing frequent extreme flood incidences in Brahmaputra basin, South Asia

The present study is focused on the flood inundation in Brahmaputra Basin, which is one of the most recurrent and destructive natural disasters of the region. The flood inundation was assessed using



Remote sensing and in situ-based assessment of rapidly growing South Lhonak glacial lake in eastern Himalaya, India

Melting glaciers are mostly associated with formation of proglacial lakes and the expansion of existing glacial lakes in Himalayan region. These expanding glacial lakes can induce the risk of glacial

Glacial lake changes and outburst flood hazard in Chandra basin, North-Western Indian Himalaya

ABSTRACT Climatic change-induced glacier recession has been accompanied by formation and growth of proglacial lakes in the Himalayan region, which pose an emerging significant threat to the

A geospatial analysis of Samudra Tapu and Gepang Gath glacial lakes in the Chandra Basin, Western Himalaya

Geospatial studies carried out in two major proglacial lakes of Samudra Tapu and Gepang Gath (Chandra Basin, Western Himalaya) showed substantial expansion in their area and volume over the last four

Glacial lake outburst flood risk assessment using combined approaches of remote sensing, GIS and dam break modelling

A great number of glacial lakes have appeared in many mountain regions across the world during the last half-century due to receding of glaciers and global warming. In the present study, glacial lake