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Examining the Relations between Household Saving Rate of Rural Areas and Migration

  title={Examining the Relations between Household Saving Rate of Rural Areas and Migration},
  author={Fuhao Lou},
Areas in China and Migration Fuhao Lou University of Ottawa Abstract. China has been developing very fast since the beginning of the 21 century. The net income of households has been increased a lot as well. Nonetheless, migration from rural areas to urban sectors tends to keep a high saving rate instead of consumption. This essay tries to use the conventional Ordinary Least Square regression, along with the method of Instrument Variable to test the problem of endogeneity, to discover the… 


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The Influence of Rural Labor Migration on Household Saving Rate
  • 中国工业经济
  • 2019
Zeldes ( 2004 ) “ Do the Rich Save More ?
  • Journal of Political Economy