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Examining the Long Run Effects of Export , Import and FDI Inflows on the FDI Outflows from India : A Causality Analysis

  title={Examining the Long Run Effects of Export , Import and FDI Inflows on the FDI Outflows from India : A Causality Analysis},
  author={Nandita Dasgupta},
The objective of this paper is to examine the effects of international trade and investment related macro economic variables, namely, exports, imports and FDI inflows on the outflows of FDI from India over 1970 through 2005. Using time series data analysis, the empirical part of the paper finds unidirectional Granger Causality from export and import to FDI outflows but no such causality exists from FDI inflows to the corresponding outflows from India. Results confirm the assumption that lagged… 

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A Simple Theory of International Trade with Multinational Corporations

  • E. Helpman
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1984
Using the idea that firm-specific assets associated with marketing, management, and product-specific R & D can be used to service production plants in countries other than the country in which these