Examination of the carboxylesterase phenotype in human liver.

  title={Examination of the carboxylesterase phenotype in human liver.},
  author={Matthew K Ross and Abdolsamad Borazjani and Ran Wang and J Allen Crow and Shuqi Xie},
  journal={Archives of biochemistry and biophysics},
  volume={522 1},
Carboxylesterases (CES) metabolize esters. Two CES isoforms are expressed in human liver (CES1 and CES2) and liver extracts are used in reaction phenotyping studies to discern interindividual metabolic variation. We tested the hypothesis that an individual's CES phenotype can be characterized by reporter substrates/probes that interrogate native CES1 and CES2 activities in liver and immunoblotting methods. We obtained 25 livers and found that CES1 is the main hydrolytic enzyme. Moreover… CONTINUE READING
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