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Examination of the Film "My Father and My Son" According to the Basic Concepts of Multigenerational Family Therapy.

  title={Examination of the Film "My Father and My Son" According to the Basic Concepts of Multigenerational Family Therapy.},
  author={T{\"u}lin Acar and Nilufer Voltan-Acar},
  journal={Kuram Ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri},
AbstractThe aim of this study was to evaluate the basic concepts of Multigenerational Family Therapy and to evaluate the scenes of the film ''My Father and My Son'' according to these concepts. For these purposes firstly basic concepts of Multigenerational Family Therapy such as differentiation of self, triangles/triangulation, nuclear family emotional system, family projection process, emotional cut off, multigenerational transmission process, sibling position, societal regression and genogram… Expand

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Babam ve oğlum
  • 2008
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  • Counseling families an introduction to marriage and family therapy
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