Examination of $$\alpha $$-induced fusion reactions relevant to the production of p-nuclei

  title={Examination of \$\$\alpha \$\$-induced fusion reactions relevant to the production of p-nuclei},
  author={N. Nhu Le and Nguyen Ngoc Duy and Nguyễn Quang Hưng},
  journal={European Physical Journal A},
The present paper examines the effect of temperature-dependent repulsive core potential on the fusion reactions of the $$\alpha $$ particle relevant to the production of p-nuclei such as $$^{154}$$ Sm, $$^{162}$$ Dy, $$^{166}$$ Er, and $$^{197}$$ Au. For this purpose, the $$\alpha $$ -nucleus potentials making use of the double folding model with the density-dependent CDM3Y3 interaction plus the temperature-dependent repulsion (CDM3Y3+Repulsion) are employed. In addition, three nuclear… 
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