Exactly solved models in statistical mechanics

  title={Exactly solved models in statistical mechanics},
  author={Rodney J. Baxter},
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Exactly solvable models and knot theory
Abstract Presented is a review on theory of exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics and its application to knot theory. The Yang-Baxter relation, a sufficient condition for the solvabilityExpand
Exactly Solvable Models in Statistical Mechanics
Recent studies on exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics are reviewed. A brief summary of the quantum inverse scattering method is given to emphasize the soliton theoretic aspect of theExpand
Statistical Mechanics, Three-Dimensionality and NP-Completeness: I. Universality of Intractability of the Partition Functions of the Ising Model Across Non-Planar Lattices
This work provides an exact characterization, across crystal lattices, of the computational tractability frontier for the partition functions of several Ising models. Our results show that beyondExpand
Statistical mechanics of spin models on graphs.
Statistical mechanics of finitely-connected systems is the study of spin models on random graphs. The methods developed to study spin models on graphs find their origins in spin-glass theory and areExpand
Knots, links, braids and exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics
We present a general method to construct the sequence of new link polynomials and its two variable extension from exactly solvable models in statistical mechanics. First, we find representations ofExpand
Statistical mechanics methods and phase transitions in optimization problems
This review aims at presenting the tools and concepts designed by physicists to deal with optimization or decision problems in a language accessible for computer scientists and mathematicians, with no prerequisites in physics. Expand
Introduction to the Statistical Physics of Integrable Many-body Systems
Including topics not traditionally covered in literature, such as (1+1)-dimensional QFT and classical 2D Coulomb gases, this book considers a wide range of models and demonstrates a number ofExpand
Statistical Methods Applied in Physics
Statistical methods are used in statistics physics, which is a momentous interdiscipline, to provide a conceptual link between the 'macroscopic world' and the 'microscopic world'. When studyingExpand
These lectures comprise an introductory course in statistical mechanics. The Gibbs formulation of the canonical ensemble is introduced and illustrated by application to simple models of magnets andExpand
A variational principle for graphical models
The junction tree algorithm takes advantage of factorization properties of the joint probability distribution that are encoded by the pattern of missing edges in a graphical model, and provides a systematic and practical solution to the general problem of computing likelihoods and other statistical quantities associated with a graphical models. Expand


Mathematical Statistical Mechanics
These paperback editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback editions to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905. Expand
A Course of Modern Analysis
The volume now gives a somewhat exhaustive account of the various ramifications of the subject, which are set out in an attractive manner and should become indispensable, not only as a textbook for advanced students, but as a work of reference to those whose aim is to extend the knowledge of analysis. Expand
Introduction to Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
This is a paperback edition of a distinguished book, originally published by Clarendon Press in 1971. It was then the first text on critical phenomena, a field that has enjoyed great activity for theExpand
Electricity and Magnetism
THE English translation of the second volume of the valuable work of MM. Mascart and Joubert is a welcome addition to the class, none too large, of really substantial English books on electricity. WeExpand
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