Exact solutions of Einstein's equations

  title={Exact solutions of Einstein's equations},
  author={Malcolm A. H. MacCallum},

Gravitomagnetism in the Lewis cylindrical metrics

The Lewis solutions describe the exterior gravitational field produced by infinitely long rotating cylinders, and are useful models for global gravitational effects. When the metric parameters are

Superboost transitions, refraction memory and super-Lorentz charge algebra

A bstractWe derive a closed-form expression of the orbit of Minkowski spacetime under arbitrary Diff(S2) super-Lorentz transformations and supertranslations. Such vacua are labelled by the

On the first G1 stiff fluid spike solution in General Relativity

Using the Geroch transformation we obtain the first example of an exact stiff fluid spike solution to the Einstein field equations in a closed form exhibiting a spacelike G1 group of symmetries

The double copy: Bremsstrahlung and accelerating black holes

A bstractAdvances in our understanding of perturbation theory suggest the existence of a correspondence between classical general relativity and Yang-Mills theory. A concrete example of this

On the integrability of Einstein–Maxwell–(A)dS gravity in the presence of Killing vectors

We study symmetry and integrability properties of four-dimensional Einstein–Maxwell gravity with a nonvanishing cosmological constant in the presence of Killing vectors. First of all, we consider

Geometric horizons in the Kastor-Traschen multi-black-hole solutions

We investigate the existence of invariantly defined quasi-local hypersurfaces in the Kastor-Traschen solution containing $N$ charge-equal-to-mass black holes. These hypersurfaces are characterized by

Local properties and global structure of McVittie spacetimes with non-flat Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker backgrounds

McVittie spacetimes embed the vacuum Schwarzschild(-(anti) de Sitter) spacetime in an isotropic, Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker (FLRW) background universe. The global structure of such

Black hole chemistry: thermodynamics with Lambda

We review recent developments on the thermodynamics of black holes in extended phase space, where the cosmological constant is interpreted as thermodynamic pressure and treated as a thermodynamic

The NUTs and Bolts of squashed holography

A bstractWe evaluate the partition function of the free O(N ) model on a two-parameter family of squashed three spheres. We also find new solutions of general relativity with negative cosmological

Numerical solutions of Einstein's equations for cosmological spacetimes with spatial topology S 3 and symmetry group U(1)

We apply a single patch pseudo-spectral scheme based on integer spin-weighted spherical harmonics presented in [1, 2] to Einstein’s equations. The particular hyperbolic reduction of Einstein’s