Exact density profiles and symmetry classification for strongly interacting multi-component Fermi gases in tight waveguides

  title={Exact density profiles and symmetry classification for strongly interacting multi-component Fermi gases in tight waveguides},
  author={Jean Decamp and Pacome Armagnat and Bess Fang and M. Albert and Anna Minguzzi and Patrizia Vignolo},
  journal={New Journal of Physics},
We consider a mixture of one-dimensional strongly interacting Fermi gases with up to six components, subjected to a longitudinal harmonic confinement. In the limit of infinitely strong repulsions we provide an exact solution which generalizes the one for the two-component mixture. We show that an imbalanced mixture under harmonic confinement displays partial spatial separation among the components, with a structure which depends on the relative population of the various components. Furthermore… 

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