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Exact and heuristic algorithms for Cograph Editing

  title={Exact and heuristic algorithms for Cograph Editing},
  author={W. Timothy J. White and Marcus Ludwig and Sebastian Bocker},
  journal={arXiv: Data Structures and Algorithms},
We present a dynamic programming algorithm for optimally solving the Cograph Editing problem on an $n$-vertex graph that runs in $O(3^n n)$ time and uses $O(2^n)$ space. In this problem, we are given a graph $G = (V, E)$ and the task is to find a smallest possible set $F \subseteq V \times V$ of vertex pairs such that $(V, E \bigtriangleup F)$ is a cograph (or $P_4$-free graph), where $\bigtriangleup$ represents the symmetric difference operator. We also describe a technique for speeding up the… 

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