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Exact and complete short read alignment to microbial genomes using GPU programming

  title={Exact and complete short read alignment to microbial genomes using GPU programming},
  author={J. Blom and Tobias Jakobi and Daniel Doppmeier and S. Jaenicke and J. Kalinowski and J. Stoye and A. Goesmann},
  • J. Blom, Tobias Jakobi, +4 authors A. Goesmann
  • Published 2011
  • Motivation: The introduction of next generation sequencing techniques and especially the high-throughput systems Solexa (Illumina Inc.) and SOLiD (ABI) made the mapping of short reads to reference sequences a standard application in modern bioinformatics. Short read alignment is needed for reference based re-sequencing of complete genomes as well as for gene expression analysis based on transcriptome sequencing. Several approaches were developed during the last years allowing for a fast… CONTINUE READING

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