Exact algorithms for the minimum latency problem

  title={Exact algorithms for the minimum latency problem},
  author={Bang Ye Wu and Zheng-Nan Huang and Fu-Jie Zhan},
  journal={Inf. Process. Lett.},
Let G = (V, E,w) be an undirected graph with positive weight w(e) on each edge e ∈ E. Given a starting vertex s ∈ V and a subset U ⊂ V as the demand vertex set, the minimum latency problem (MLP) asks for a tour P starting at s and visiting each demand vertex at least once such that the total latency of all demand vertices is minimized, in which the latency of a vertex is the length of the path from s to the first visit of the vertex. The MLP is an important problem in computer science and… CONTINUE READING
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