Exact Parallel Maximum Clique Algorithm for General and Protein Graphs

  title={Exact Parallel Maximum Clique Algorithm for General and Protein Graphs},
  author={Matjaz Depolli and Janez Konc and Kati Rozman and Roman Trobec and Dusanka Janezic},
  journal={Journal of chemical information and modeling},
  volume={53 9},
A new exact parallel maximum clique algorithm MaxCliquePara, which finds the maximum clique (the fully connected subgraph) in undirected general and protein graphs, is presented. First, a new branch and bound algorithm for finding a maximum clique on a single computer core, which builds on ideas presented in two published state of the art sequential algorithms is implemented. The new sequential MaxCliqueSeq algorithm is faster than the reference algorithms on both DIMACS benchmark graphs as… CONTINUE READING
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