Exact Internal Controllability for the Semilinear Heat Equation

  title={Exact Internal Controllability for the Semilinear Heat Equation},
  author={Weijiu Liu and Graham H. Williams},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
Using the Browder–Minty surjective theorem from the theory of monotone operators, we consider the exact internal controllability for the semilinear heat equation. We show that the system is exactly controllable inL2(Ω) if the nonlinearities are globally Lipschitz continuous. Furthermore, we prove that the controls depend Lipschitz continuously on the terminal states, and discuss the behaviour of the controls as the nonlinear terms tend to zero in some sense. A variant of the Hilbert Uniqueness… 
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El presente trabajo trata acerca del problema de la controlabilidad exacta interna para la ecuacion semilineal del calor con no linealidad globalmente Lipschitz. Usando el Teorema sobreyectivo de


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