Exact Electron States in 1D (Quasi-) Periodic Arrays of Delta-Potentials

  title={Exact Electron States in 1D (Quasi-) Periodic Arrays of Delta-Potentials},
  author={Peter Kramer and Tobias Kramer},
  • Peter Kramer, Tobias Kramer
  • Published 2000
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • In the solid state physics of crystals, an important part is played by the band structure of the electronic states. This band structure arises from the representation of the periodicity in the electronic state space. Powerful computational methods were developed for the calculation of band structures, among them the linear muffin-tin (LMTO) method [17] in the atomic sphere approximation (ASA) [1]. In the physics of quasicrystals, it is believed that the electronic system plays an important part… CONTINUE READING

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