Exact Electromagnetic Duality

  title={Exact Electromagnetic Duality},
  author={David Ian Olive},
Electric-magnetic black hole duality
We generalize duality invariance for the free Maxwell action in an arbitrary background geometry to include the presence of electric and magnetic charges. In particular, it follows that the actions
Magnetic monopoles, duality and supersymmetry
These notes present a pedagogical introduction to magnetic monopoles and exact electromagnetic duality in supersymmetric gauge theories. They are based on lectures given at the 1995 Trieste Summer
Aspects of electromagnetic duality
I briefly try to give a critical assessment of this idea, discussing what it means, the extent to which it is true, and how it relates to other ideas in mathematics and physics. Examples of related
BPS Monopoles and Electromagnetic Duality
We review our recent work on the BPS magnetic monopoles and its relation to the electromagnetic duality in the N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills systems with an arbitrary gauge group. The gauge group can
A unique theory of all forces
In discussing the construction of a consistent theory of quantum gravity unified with the gauge interactions we are naturally led to a string theory. We review its properties and the five consistent
We examine the electric-magnetic duality for a U(1) gauge theory on a general four manifold which generates the SL(2, Z) group. The partition functions for such a theory transforms as a modular form
Dualities and intertheoretic relations
The idea of duality is at the core of the most relevant developments in recent fundamental physics. During the last 40 years theoretical physics has used the notion of duality in different ways and
On the quantum equivalence of an antisymmetric tensor field with spontaneous Lorentz violation
We present an explicit proof that a minimal model of rank-2 antisymmetric field with spontaneous Lorentz violation and a classically equivalent vector field model are also quantum equivalent by
Structural issues in quantum gravity
A discursive, non-technical, analysis is made of some of the basic issues that arise in almost any approach to quantum gravity, and of how these issues stand in relation to recent developments in the


Particle states of a quantized meson field
  • T. Skyrme
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1961
A simple non-linear field theory is considered as the model for a recently proposed classical field theory of mesons and their particle sources. Quantization may be made according to canonical
Poles with Both Magnetic and Electric Charges in Nonabelian Gauge Theory
We show that a non-Abelian gauge theory with Higgs fields exhibits classical solutions which are both electrically and magnetically charged. This represents a specific realization of the dyons
Exact Classical Solution for the 't Hooft Monopole and the Julia-Zee Dyon
We present an exact solution to the nonlinear field equations which describe a classical excitation possessing magnetic and electric charge. This solution has finite energy and exhibits explicitly