Exact Correlators of Giant Gravitons from dual N=4 SYM

  title={Exact Correlators of Giant Gravitons from dual N=4 SYM},
  author={Steven Corley and Antal Jevicki and Sanjaye Ramgoolam},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
A class of correlation functions of half-BPS composite operators are computed exactly (at finite $N$) in the zero coupling limit of N=4 SYM theory. These have a simple dependence on the four-dimensional spacetime coordinates and are related to correlators in a one-dimensional Matrix Model with complex Matrices obtained by dimensional reduction of N=4 SYM on a three-sphere. A key technical tool is Frobenius-Schur duality between symmetric and Unitary groups and the results are expressed simply… 
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