Exacerbation of post-dural puncture headache after epidural blood patch.

  title={Exacerbation of post-dural puncture headache after epidural blood patch.},
  author={W M Woodward and David M. Levy and Art Dixon},
  journal={Canadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthesie},
  volume={41 7},
The purpose of this report is to describe a new complication of epidural blood patch for inadvertent dural puncture. A dural tap in an obstetric patient was managed initially with a prophylactic blood patch via the epidural catheter. Despite this, 48 hr later, she developed post-dural puncture headache, neck, and shoulder pain, and was given a second epidural blood patch. This was followed by an immediate and severe exacerbation of her symptoms, which later resolved after the administration of… CONTINUE READING


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