Ex-utero Intrapartum Treatment (EXIT) Procedure for Giant Fetal Epignathus.


BACKGROUND Large fetal oropharyngeal tumors are rare, and have the potential to cause airway obstruction during birth. CASE CHARACTERISTICS A 35-year-old woman with antenatally diagnosed large heterogenous mass in fetal neck displacing trachea and filling up the orophanygeal space. INTERVENTION The infant was delivered at 31 weeks of gestation by ex… (More)


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@article{Jayagobi2015ExuteroIT, title={Ex-utero Intrapartum Treatment (EXIT) Procedure for Giant Fetal Epignathus.}, author={Pooja Agarwal Jayagobi and Suresh Rama Chandran and B. Sriram and Kenneth T. E. Chang}, journal={Indian pediatrics}, year={2015}, volume={52 10}, pages={893-5} }