Ewing's sarcoma lines synthesize laminin and fibronectin

  title={Ewing's sarcoma lines synthesize laminin and fibronectin},
  author={Susanna Scarpa and G D'orazi and Mauro Modesti and Andrea Modesti},
  journal={Virchows Archiv A},
Immunoelectron microscopy was employed to detect laminin and fibronectin cell surface expression on five Ewing's sarcoma lines plus a normal fibroblast line as control. Monospecific antibodies to both glycoproteins were detected on tumour cell and fibroblast layers with colloidal gold - protein A conjugates. All five tumour lines were positive for fibronectin and/or laminin, whereas the fibroblast line expressed fibronectin only, as expected. Fibronectin displayed a dense granular pattern… CONTINUE READING


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