Ewe fertility in the STAR accelerated lambing system.

  title={Ewe fertility in the STAR accelerated lambing system.},
  author={R. Michael Lewis and D. R. Notter and Douglas Hogue and Brian H. Magee},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={74 7},
Effects of environmental factors such as ewe age, season of exposure, and time from lambing to exposure on fertility were evaluated using records on 1,084 Dorset ewes in the STAR accelerated lambing system. The STAR program consisted of five 30-d concurrent breeding and lambing periods per year beginning on January 1, March 15, May 27, August 8, and October 20. Fertility in the flock changed in a cyclic and predictable fashion during the year. Changes in prolificacy were less consistent but… CONTINUE READING
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